Stay Aware, Informed and Protected While Traveling

Reverse Peephole Viewers

Most travelers aren’t aware of the level of technology easily available to a would-be predator. Even if the viewer is fully in tact, anyone with a reverse peephole viewer can spy through the peephole outside the door. This device was originally intended for use by law enforcement, but is now available on top internet shopping sites for anyone to purchase.

The standard reverse peephole viewer reverses the convex lenses on the peephole, allowing a 15-degree viewing range at up to 10 feet inside the room. Easily concealed in someone’s pocket, this technology is extremely easy to bring into a hotel and use on an unsuspecting occupant.

By using a SPEYEGUARD® Fixed or Portable Cover, you can eliminate the effectiveness of this predatory tool. Both covers block the view inside the room while being easily opened or removed by the occupant to view outside.

Here are a few tips to follow when traveling away from home.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Your room number should be written and never spoken out loud.
  • Before you enter the guest room, check the peephole on the door. If the viewer is loose, reversed or appears to be tampered with, notify the manager or security.
  • Carry SPEYEGUARD® Portable Covers in your travel bag to use in hotels.

Reverse Peephole Viewer

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