How should I clean my peephole cover?

Use water and a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.


Is peephole tampering really that common?

Unfortunately peephole tampering is on the rise.  Online purchasing makes it easy to obtain a Reverse Peephole Viewer and with this device anyone is able to spy discreetly outside the door.  Internet websites also increase the rapid spread of photographs and videos taken illicitly through peepholes and this could have a devastating impact on your life.


Do I really need a peephole cover?

Whether you stay in hotels or live in an apartment or dorm, be aware that your privacy is at risk when leaving the peephole uncovered and the consequences could be harmful.


Do you offer customization?

SPEYEGUARD® Portable Covers can be customized with your logo or brand color to promote your business, organization or event.  Contact us for pricing and bulk order discount.


How do I decide which peephole cover to buy?

SPEYEGUARD® Peephole Covers are available in two styles. The fixed cover is installed onto the door as a permanent solution for privacy while the portable-style cover is designed for travel and a logical solution to safeguard your privacy in hotels and where you reside temporarily.


What is your return policy and warranty on your products?

You may return the product in unused condition along with the original receipt within 30 days of purchase for a full refund to the address below. Return postage not included. Privacy Logic, LLC does not accept returns on custom orders.

If product is defective due to a manufacturing defect, you may return it with the original receipt within one year from the date of purchase and Privacy Logic will replace it free of charge, subject to our inspection for verification of manufacturing defects on the returned peephole cover. Return postage not included.


Do I need to remove the door viewer to install the fixed peephole cover?

No, SPEYEGUARD® Fixed Peephole Cover easily installs OVER the existing door viewer so there is no need to remove and reinstall the viewer during installation.